August 8, 2007 Waterproof housings for MP3 players are nothing new – we’ve seen H2OAUDIO’s waterproof casings for iPod and iPod nano, iriver’s H2O Audio SV i700 and the SwiMP3 player from Finis. All of these products utilized water proof earbuds but now there’s a variation on the theme with the introduction of the EGO iPod Waterproof Sound Case from Atlantic - a waterproof case that also includes built in speakers. The unit features a waterproof click wheel membrane which allows access to the controls without removing the iPod, adjustable stand for viewing videos and can be used with some other MP3 players.

The EGO is compatible with iPod Video, Photo, 4g, Mini and some other MP3 Players. The unit measures 1.81" x 9.81" x 6.50" and weighs 1.80 lb.

The EGO iPod Waterproof Sound Case retails for US$149.00

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