August 29, 2007 This new video creation system designed for tweens enables the creation, editing and one-touch uploading of videos directly to YouTube. Toy manufacturer ToyQuest recently announced the release of the US$99.99 RipRoar Creation Station, which features the ability to shoot in "green screen" and drop in background animation.

RipRoar is targeted at children from ages ten and up in an effort to enhance their video production skills in their increasingly high tech lives. “Our goal is to give kids all the tools they need to create, edit and share their own exciting videos,” states Avi Rosenstein, Product Manager, Youth Electronics.

The RipRoar Creation Station is a complete hardware and software system incorporating a full resolution camera with a mountable green screen, tripod, integrated software and a bonus content CD. Users are able to record themselves using the camera in front of the green screen then drop in a background and add animation, music and special effects using the software tools.

According to Rosenstein the “RipRoar Creation Station gives tweens and teens the opportunity to expand their creativity and express themselves like never before.” The file can then be uploaded to file sharing sites such as YouTube with the click of a button, although the company warns that this should be done with parental supervision.

This is the first system of its kind that incorporates the full lifecycle of video creation for kids. Software exists such as that from Focus Multimedia to assist with creating and editing video clips however it is CD ROM only and does not include the camera or upload functionality of the RipRoar system.

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