GEO2 Technologies' advanced diesel filtration technology

Cross-linked microstructure filters
Cross-linked microstructure filters
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Advanced diesel filtration technology
Advanced diesel filtration technology
Cross-linked microstructure filters
Cross-linked microstructure filters

October 16, 2007 Clean transportation technology is and will remain a critically important issue, with the ongoing development of fuel cells and hybrid technology growing strongly in recent years. The health risks associated with particulate matter, and tightening government regulations on pollutants give more immediate and practical implications to another alternative - the concept of “clean diesel” . This encompasses the use of diesel powered vehicles, which achieve up to 30% greater fuel efficiency than their gasoline powered counterparts, but also boast low-emissions through the use of advanced filtration.

One noteworthy advance in this area has come from GEO2 Technologies, which will unveil its latest filtration technology at the American Filtration and Separations Society Conference of Emission Solutions in Transportation this week.

The company’s patented filtration design is a cross-linked microstructure with extruded honeycomb filters and catalyst/membrane supports – it’s promising because it allows a high-temperature filter to enable the complex work of diesel emissions reduction within a single filter, without sacrificing engine performance. The filtration device achieves high permeability, low backpressure and high filtration efficiency. The design of the microstructure also allows it to be constructed with a variety of material chemistries, making it useful for different filtration applications such as air-oil filtration, absorptive separation and pre-filtration.

Serving as catalyst supports and filters, the technology has applications in both gasoline and diesel automobiles, motorcycles, heavy duty trucks, agricultural equipment, small engines, and in the specialty chemical/pharmaceutical industry.

The system provides a commercial incentive to manufacturers striving to meet increasingly strict emissions control regulations - the GEO2 substrate can help to reduce costs for a catalytic system in a vehicle by up to 30%, which translates to as much as $100 per unit for a large vehicle.

The American Filtration and Separations Society Conference of Emission Solutions in Transportation is taking place until the 18th of October at the Kensington Court Hotel in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


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