Locking your outdoor gear up certainly helps keep it from getting stolen, but guess what – thieves may still go after it anyway! That's where goLock's Venture lock comes in. Unveiled at Interbike 2017, it notifies you and sounds an alarm if anyone messes with it.

The Venture features a rubber-coated steel cable (available in four lengths and two thicknesses) and a steel padlock, both of which engage a waterproof battery-powered electronic unit – that's the green thing in the photo.

The cable gets looped around the item you wish to secure, along with an adjacent immovable object, then you lock the Venture and arm it. After that, if anyone tries cutting the cable, picking the padlock, or otherwise moving the lock around, onboard sensors will detect it.

The lock will then sound a 95-decibel audible alarm to draw attention to the attempted theft, plus you'll receive a notification via an iOS/Android app on your smartphone, wherever you happen to be.

You can additionally use that app to remotely check the lock's battery life, to check that it hasn't been tampered with, and to remotely disarm it if someone that you know needs to unlock it. The battery should last for approximately seven days of use per charge, although even if it does die, the padlock and cable will still keep things secure – there just won't be an alarm or notifications.

The Venture lock can be pre-ordered now for a $55 discount off of the retail price, which will start at US$239.95.

Source: goLock

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