Google may be axing Reader, but that isn’t stopping the search giant from opening new doors on the web and in the cloud. As an expansion of its Dropbox rival, Google Drive, the search giant has launched an Evernote rival: Google Keep.

Google Drive's Evernote

Like Evernote, Google Keep centers around quick note-taking – and the various bells and whistles that go along with that: including checklists, photo and voice notes, and annotations. The ability to color-code notes is a handy bonus, and adds to the app's aesthetic appeal.

In terms of raw function, there isn’t a lot to differentiate Keep from Evernote, but one big draw here is Google Drive integration. If you already use Drive for file syncing and word processing, your Keep notes will live in the same cloud, alongside your other content.

In addition to the web portal for Keep, Google has already pushed out an Android app. Keep for Android lets you drop a widget on your homescreen for ultra-quick note-taking. There’s even a lockscreen widget, to help you jot down your thoughts with the bare minimum of effort.

Check it out

Keep is available now on the web and in the Play Store (provided you're running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher). Google says that, within the coming weeks, the note-taking service will also be accessible straight from Google Drive.

You can preview the new service in the video below, and hit up the source link to get started with Keep.

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