Google has launched a brand new photo service at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco. Known simply as Google Photos, the standalone product automatically backs up user content, intelligently organizes it, and offers unlimited storage of photos and videos, free of charge.

The new service will support resolutions up to 16 MP for photos and 1080p for videos. Content is stored in an uncompressed state, meaning you won't lose any quality in the upload. Google is pitching Photos as a place to store "a lifetime of memories," and that claim may not be entirely without basis, with users able to store an unlimited number of photos and videos.

All that content is automatically organized according to people and places, without the need for manual tagging or labeling. This allows users to search for a particular shot without having to trawl through hundreds or thousands of images. The ability to quickly enhance photos is also included, allowing users to make quick adjustments to lighting, color and more with just one tap.

Users will be able to easily share content from Photos across a range of third party services including Twitter and WhatsApp. Furthermore, any group of photos or videos can be easily shared with contacts, with no need for the recipient to log in or have a specific app in order to access the content.

The best thing about Google's new Photos service? It's available later today through Android, iOS and web platforms.

Source: Google

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