Google Experiments is a showcase of the many creative ways the company's tools and resources can be used. The latest "experiment" to launch is called Voice Experiments, and it offers a variety of fun and interesting ways to play with the voice-controlled Google Assistant, from an automatic meme-generator to a way to compose music using just voice commands.

Google has been pushing its eponymous AI assistant hard over the past year. After launching its Amazon Echo competitor, Google Home, in 2016, the company then spread the assistant far and wide, integrating it into all new Android smartphones.

While Voice Experiments is an amusing illustration of the growing sophistication in Google's voice command technology, it is also designed to lure new developers into creating innovative and novel uses for the system. All four of the experiments highlight how easy the creative resources like Dialogflow are to use.

Story Speaker is probably the most useful of the experiments. It essentially pairs up with a Google Doc and allows your story to be immediately read aloud. More than that, it also has built in templates that allow for the creation of Choose Your Own Adventure-style stories, where the listener can be presented with a fork in the narrative road and make their own decision on which way to go.

MixLab, on the other hand, is possibly the easiest music composition system we've ever come across. Designed to respond to simple commands such as, "Play me some funky piano," the user can add different instrument layers from the several hundred programmed options. The system is also designed to randomly come up with its own compositions when confronted with the request, "Play me something."

The two other experiments having launched are amusing diversions. Mystery Animal is essentially a 20-questions games, while Meme Buddy is a bizarre "dank meme" generator. The meme generator is a ridiculously funny way to deploy the technology, with the user directing the system to find a photo and then suggesting a caption, before Meme Buddy instantly generates that meme.

The Voice Experiments show we are certainly moving closer to the goal of AI assistants that can respond to conversational directions. And at the very least, we now can instantly generate viral memes with a simple voice command.

You can check out Meme Buddy and Story Speaker in the videos below.

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