For those of you so in love with your iPad that you've often fantasized about a way to have your slate permanently attached to your person, a simple accessory called the GoPad isn't far off. Once attached to your tablet, it allows the iPad to be worn by creating a make-shift platform resting against your chest.

Much like the hip or "fanny" packs of years past, the GoPad has the potential to be awfully convenient, but at the risk of looking a bit, well ... dorky.

Essentially, GoPad is a deluxe iPad stand that can be manipulated - along with some of the extra accessories like the GoStrap shoulder harness - to allow the tablet to be used in a variety of positions and instances. A few of my favorite use cases suggested by the company:

  • Taking orders in a restaurant
  • Reclined computing on an airplane rather than hunching over that tiny seatback table
  • Playing video games on the go
  • An animated name tag in social settings
  • Use it as a table to hold your drink at the cocktail party

Ignoring the safety concerns involved in more on-the-go gaming and cocktail transportation, there's a solid case to be made for the overall utility of the GoPad if you're willing to hand over US$89 for the complete package, including the GoStrap harness and an ample GoBag to carry the whole thing around in.

The GoPad is also available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry PlayBook, and Motorola Xoom. A smaller model to accommodate the Kindle Fire is also coming soon.

Source: GoPad

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