One of the great features of the GoPro HERO actioncam is the fact that it is waterproof down to 197 feet (60 meters). Unfortunately, should you lose hold of your non-floating camera in the water ... well, even if it survives its trip down to the bottom of the ocean/lake, you’ll likely never see it again. That’s why The Bobber exists.

The Bobber is a bright yellow floating handle for the HERO. You can use it to hold onto the camera while you’re boating, swimming or whatnot, but if dropped, it will float upright (like a buoy) in the water. It reportedly offers enough flotation that it can support the weight of GoPro’s 3D system, or of cameras using the optional LCD or Battery BacPacs.

Although it’s not the only flotation system available for the HERO, its makers claim that it is the only one that doesn’t block the user’s view of the LCD screen.

It would be nice if there were some way of adding small weights to the handle, to make it slightly positively buoyant for use by scuba divers, but this would likely make it considerably more expensive. As it is, it sells for US$29.99.

Source: GoPole via 7 Gadgets

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