Although you may have seen plenty of underwater videos shot using the GoPro HERO actioncam, its lens was never really designed for underwater videography – as we previously illustrated in a video report, the footage sometimes looks a little fuzzy. As of today, however, would-be Jaques Cousteaus can now purchase a dive-specific GoPro housing that promises sharp images.

The Dive Housing features a large flat lens, unlike the usual GoPro domed lens. This apparently solves the fuzzy-underwater-pictures problem, and in fact the approach has already been implemented in several third-party HERO-compatible products.

It fits all models of the HERO, and is watertight to a depth of 197 feet (60 meters) – just like the regular housing. Included are a variety of mounting gizmos, a lens cap, and a tether string.

The housing is available at various retailers and via the GoPro website, for US$49.99.

Source: GoPro

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