GoPro introduces 4K/60fps-shooting Hero6 Black

GoPro introduces 4K/60fps-shoo...
The Hero6 Black is available now
The Hero6 Black is available now
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The Hero6 Black is available now
The Hero6 Black is available now

So, you wanna shoot 4K/60fps footage on a GoPro? Well, now you can, with the company's new Hero6 Black actioncam. Users can also opt for 2.7K/120fps footage, or go full slow-mo with 1080p/240fps.

The Hero6 Black additionally features the most advanced image stabilization system of any GoPro, has expanded voice control options, plus it offers improved dynamic range, Wi-Fi connectivity and low-light performance. These and other improvements are handled by the new GP1 processor, which is claimed to offer twice the performance as that of the Hero5 Black.

There's also a Touch Zoom feature, in which users can digitally zoom in just by touching the screen – perhaps a function that may sometimes get activated accidentally?

Most of of its other specs seem to match those of the Hero5. These include the ability to take 12MP stills in single or burst mode, and to be submerged down to 33 ft (10 m) without a housing.

It's available now, priced at US$499.99.

You can see footage shot with it, in the video below.

Source: GoPro

GoPro: Meet HERO6 Black + QuikStories in 4K

Joshua Tulberg
Impressive for an action-cam. But I thought the GoPro Fusion stole the show. Tough choice... Hero6 w/ killer footage quality, or Fusion w/ killer footage.
Finally.. now to push that up to 120fps.
Dan Lewis
Go Pro has had trouble with overheating and shutting down when needed the most. I'll wait for Hero 8 or 9.