Actioncammers, take note – GoPro has just announced its latest flagship model, the Hero7 Black. According to the company, the camera's new HyperSmooth feature offers the sort of video stabilization that ordinarily requires a separate motorized gimbal.

First, the basic specs.

The GPS-equipped Hero7 Black has a 2-inch touchscreen display, shoots video at a maximum resolution of 4K/60fps (along with 12MP stills), is waterproof without a housing down to 33 ft (10 m), and is capable of live-streaming to Facebook. It can also shoot time-lapse footage and 1080p/240fps 8x slow motion, plus users can digitally tag video highlights (as they're recording) or snap photos hands-free by speaking one of 16 voice commands.

Additionally, there's a SuperPhoto mode that applies HDR (high dynamic range), local tone mapping and noise reduction to stills that are shot in any lighting conditions.

And yes, there's the 3-axis HyperSmooth video stabilization feature, which digitally smooths out the shakes – optical stabilization (such as one would get with a gimbal) is generally considered to be preferable, typically resulting in better-quality images.

The Hero7 Black is available as of this Thursday for preorder, and will be in stores internationally as of Sept. 27th (US buyers will have to wait until the 30th). It's priced at US$400. There's also a $300 4K/30fps/10MP Silver model that lacks the HyperSmooth, live-streaming and 8x slow-mo features, along with a $200 1080p/60fps/10MP White model that additionally lacks GPS.

You can see footage shot with the Hero7 Black, in the video below.

Source: GoPro

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