Running and cycling gear either tends to sacrifice breathability in favor of keeping the rain out, or vice versa. The new One Gore-Tex Active Bike and One Gore-Tex Active Run jackets provide the best of both worlds by using a new material called Gore-Tex Active that provides a permanent beading surface that actually sheds water and provides greater breathability.

The use of Gore-Tex Active eliminates what had been a textile outer material on WL Gore's previous running and cycling jackets. The permanent beading capability of the new material prevents water from being absorbed into the liner and helps create what the company is calling the lightest and most breathable Gore-Tex product on the market.

Both the running and cycling jackets are guaranteed to be both water and wind proof and require no water repellant coatings, followup sprays or related treatments. Just shake the jackets and the water literally falls off. Once dry, the lightweight jackets fold up into a small size for easy packing.

Gore-Tex joins a number of brands that have been trying over the past several years to develop active apparel as waterproof and breathable as possible. Its limited edition One Gore-Tex Active jackets were developed with input by athletes and are the first garments from a new, brand-wide platform the company is calling Gore One. The running and cycling jackets are available now at the Gore Apparel website or from select dealers at a cost of US$300.

Check out the video below for more details about the jackets and their ability to shed water.

Source: Gore Apparel

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