• Although running may seem to be one of those things that we "just do," there are right and wrong ways of going about it seriously. Invented by French physiotherapist Vieilledent Frédéric, the iKinesis system is intended to help runners get it right.
  • It's easier to keep pace or beat your personal bests when running with a partner, rather than alone. A new AR headset called the Ghost Pacer helps you do that even when your friends are busy, by pitting you against a virtual avatar only you can see.
  • While it's a good idea to wear a headlamp when running at night, the things do have a way of bouncing up and down, and they only shine straight ahead. That's why the Torch Ring was invented, as it's worn on the hand – just like a championship ring.
  • Engineers at Stanford have developed motorized exoskeletons that strap to a user’s legs to make running easier. It's not something you’d wear down to the park for a jog, but it could eventually find use as a form of last-mile transportation.
  • ​Computer hardware has changed quite a bit in the three decades since Puma introduced its original RS-Computer running shoe. The relaunched version carries over a distinctly retro aesthetic, but with a few choice upgrades to equip the wearable for the internet age.
  • Adidas has taken shoe design to interesting places recently, playing with unique materials such as biodegradable fabrics and ocean plastics last year. Now the design team has binned the laces to create the UltraBOOST Laceless performance running shoe.
  • ​When one of our muscles vibrates, an energy-consuming contraction of that muscle is triggered. That's why many long-distance runners wear compression tights. According to a new study, though, tights make no difference in reducing fatigue.
  • The Shft IQ, currently on Kickstarter, is a virtual running coach which works with your smartphone to give real-time voice coaching. The foot- or chest-worn device uses an array to running metrics to give advice on how to improve your technique and run faster and longer.
  • ​Running marathons can be a lonely business. Sure, there are stretches where the road is lined with cheering spectators, but there are also sections where the athlete is alone. That's why scientists have developed a baton that allows remotely-located people to electronically cheer the runner on.
  • Apple announced the Apple Watch Nike+ edition at its annual keynote in September and it’s slated to hit shelves on Friday, October 28. What can we expect from this running-centric smartwatch?
  • VST Technology has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a wearable that is equal parts coach and tracker. Stepp is designed to measure running form, motion, and fatigue to offer real-time guidance and post-run suggestions.
  • ​If you're a competitive runner, then training on your own isn't always enough – you need someone else to race against. That said, a fast enough runner might not always be available. What do you do then? Well, if you're one of a lucky few, you may soon be able to use your Puma BeatBot robot.​
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