The Baselworld 2014 watch show officially starts tomorrow in Basel, Switzerland, but Gizmag has already spotted a pretty special-looking watch on the trade show floor. Made by Sweden's GoS Watches, the Bifrost Isblå features a dial and crown made from what the company describes as "high-contrast" pattern-welded stainless Damascus steel.

The watch is the first in GoS' Bifrost line, "Bifrost" being the name of a rainbow bridge in Norse mythology that connects Earth with the realm of the gods. The high-contrast steel fits in with that theme, as it shines a deep iridescent blue when exposed to natural daylight, "much in the same way that a rainbow appears only when light shines through the moist air."

The high-contrast steel was created by GoS partner Johan Gustafsson, and is also used in the watch's rotor, which can be seen through a window in the back. Other stand-out features include sapphire glass, solid 18K white gold hands and index ring, and a Soprod A10 movement.

The Bifrost Isblå will be made in a limited run of 25 units, each of which is priced at US$12,600. Company founder Patrik Sjögren told us that the first production models should be delivered around May or June.

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