If you're going to call your invention "the greatest (fill in the blank) in the universe," you'd better be prepared to show off something truly amazing. Luckily for toy maker, Jaimie Mantzel, he may be onto something with his remote-controlled, six-legged robot. It may not have a name yet, but with its various attachments for shooting different projectiles and break away battle armor, it's sure to show up on some Christmas lists in the future.

Mantzel's little robot walks on six legs and is guided by a remote control, but what makes it stand out are the different attachments that can be fitted to the top to fire foam darts, discs, or ping pong balls. The launchers can be aimed by remotely tilting it and shoots farther when the fire button is held down longer. Armor pieces in various colors and designs can also be outfitted to customize the robot, some of which break off when hit just right with a projectile, making it perfect for robot-on-robot battles.

Right now there are only a few prototypes to show off, since the finished version will require a few mechanical and design tweaks. Currently the robot is pretty loud when in motion, but Mantzel says that's just for the prototype and that the final product will be much quieter. He also plans to implement a target attachment for battles that will light up when hit with a projectile and possibly shut the robot down after three hits.

Toy company, Wow! Stuff, is already on board to produce and distribute Manzel's toy and is holding a contest to name it, with the prize being the finished product.

Check out the videos below to see a sleep-deprived Mantzel demonstrate the little bot as well as Wow! Stuff's very toy commercial-like take on it.