Not content with being the purveyor of the likes of gold and diamond encrusted mobile phones and USB flash drives, luxury manufacturer Gresso has announced what it claims to be the world’s first mobile phone customization experience. By way of an online “boutique”, clients have the choice of nearly 40 combinations based on three elements.

The first element is a titanium alloy and ceramic casing, with the second being various types of leather detailing. Thirdly, the keyboard design can either be totally flat or made of polished steel. The engraving of one’s initials or other such inscription on the inside of the device rounds out the personalized package.

Gresso says it wants to give the “discerning user the chance to try their hand at designing their own mobile phone,” but forget about full-touch screens and Android 2.1... this one's all about the look.

The prestige handsets begin at US$2200.

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