The basic umbrella design is one that has stood the test of time. And why not, it’s simple and it keeps you dry. But once the wind picks up, the limitations of the design quickly become apparent. Fighting to keep the canopy facing into the wind to prevent it turning inside out by gripping the shaft as high up as possible is the standard approach, but keeping a firm hold on the thin shaft can be a pain. That’s why Dan O’Donnell invented the sliding handle-equipped GRIP2 Umbrella.

The GRIP2 Umbrella is just like any conventional umbrella, except it has an adjustable second grip positioned on the shaft above the fixed handle. This ergonomic handle is designed to decrease the amount of strain placed on the hand when gripping the shaft in high winds. O’Donnell claims this simple addition makes it up to 70 percent easier to control the GRIP2 in the wind while providing a more ergonomic handhold than the thin shaft.

The adjustable grip has lever lock/release mechanism that allows it to be positioned anywhere along the shaft at the most comfortable height. O’Donnell says the handle allows a “power grip” that reduces hand strain and allows more force to be exerted when holding the umbrella with one or two hands. An additional lever on the top of the grip lets it be used to open and close the umbrella.

The adjustable grip isn’t available separately for attaching to existing umbrellas, but is sold as a complete package with an umbrella offering 54 inch (137 cm) diameter coverage. It isn’t a telescopic umbrella and measures 43.5 inches (110 cm) long, but features a dual canopy, fiberglass shaft and ribs, and comes in black, navy, block/white and navy/white. It retails for US$54.95.

The video below showcases the benefits of the GRIP2 Umbrella.

Source: GRIP2

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