Action shots used to be hard to acquire, with camcorders and digital cameras not exactly up to the task. Now, with the rise in popularity of cameras like the GoPro, anyone can get the shots they want with minimal effort. Though these cameras are good at capturing action, some shots are still difficult to acquire and keep stable, and that's where the Gyromatic Go2X Gimbal Stabilizer comes into play, as it keeps those shots clean and smooth.

What makes this particular stabilizer so interesting is the way it's held. Basically, a user holds it like a flashlight, with the camera at the end. Building it this way allows users to get lower angles to generate exactly the kinds of shots they want.

So what exactly does this do to stabilize recordings? It uses a Simple Brushless Gimble Controller, which is made up of small electronic motors that detect shake and movement from the user with the help of gyroscopes and accelerometers. This data is fed through a processor that uses an algorithm to define the angle and make corrections on the fly.

According to the manufacturers, the main advantage of this versus other kinds of stabilization is that it's lighter, which is perfect for action shots, as the less equipment a user has to carry, the easier it will be get the footage in difficult places. It's also faster, so it is able to respond to changes instantly, which, of course, will make for better shots.

Gyromatic is seeking funding for its mount on Indiegogo. It is still in the beginning of its funding stage, and is seeking US$25,000. However, it is a flexible funding campaign, so it will move forward with the project whether it receives full funding or not. Buyers interested in getting an action mount for themselves can do so for $550 for a limited time. The standard backer price will go to $650 once the early specials run out.

The pitch below provides more information and shows off shots captured using the Gyromatic Go2X Gimbal Stabilizer.

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