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H2O Audio Waterproof Housing for Apple iPod nano (and any other MP3 player)

H2O Audio Waterproof Housing for Apple iPod nano (and any other MP3 player)
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May 3, 2006 We’ve mentioned this capability before but we’re still so tickled about it, the shipping release of H2O Audio iPod nano waterproof housing gave us the ideal excuse. Anyone who swims knows the solitude of the water and the semi meditative state that can be achieved. There are those among us though, who crave the rhythm offered by music and this ingenious waterproof housing/headset combo enables one to listen to most mp3 players underwater. The H2O housing also offers safe sanctuary to your MP3 player during adventure sport activities such as surfing, wakeboarding, water skiing, snowboarding and probably anything else you can think of other than perhaps diving and the diminutive iPod nano design ensures users it can be strapped on and simply won’t get in the way. With the nano housing, absolute waterproof protection is not at the expense of access to Apple’s interface – the casing has a unique full-function Commander scroll-wheel assembly that provides users with ready access to all of the iPod nano's proprietary click wheel functions even when fully submerged in water. will be able to take their playlist with them regardless of outdoor conditions or recreational environment. Excellent action piccies with the housing being tested to the extreme!!

The 2006 line of H2O Audio products is has a new emphasis on options and affordability. This year's gear ships with a significantly lower price point than 2005 models and the package includes a ready-wear armband. H2O Audio housings can be matched with H2O Audio waterproof headphones (sold separately) for any water sport activity. The versatile H2O Audio cases also provide the ultimate protection (dirt, impact, scratch) for land use and can be used with any regular headphones. H2O Audio is enabling customers to decide what headset they want to use as both headset and housing are compatible with all major brand gear.

H2O Audio for nano features include:

* Secure waterproof housing for Apple iPod nano players rated to 10ft. (3m)

* Housing is compatible with a wide range of standard headsets and provides assured waterproof protection when used with H2O Audio patented waterproof headphones

* Patented easy-access Commander scroll-wheel assembly provides ready control of iPod nano command functions

* Custom form-fit case compliments iPod nano's compact design

* Unique, durable "elastomeric" diagonal T-seal for absolute waterproof protection

* Full view Menu screen

* Extreme impact and scratch protection

* Water, wind, dust and sand safe

* Secure armband for carefree mobility

Pricing and Availability

MSRP for the H2O Audio for iPod nano housing is US$79.95 (sport arm band included). H2O Audio waterproof headphones are available and sell for US$39.95. All H2O Audio products and accessories for Apple iPods and mp3 players are available at local surf/wake stores, RCS, J&R and other retailers and dealers globally, as well as from the H2O Audio eStore.

View gallery - 7 images
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