A seemingly popular community used by iOS jailbreakers to download pirated App Store applications has shut down without any warning to users. Hackulous, the community that has ceased to exist, also had a jailbreak application for downloading and installing apps called Installous. The Cydia repository for Hackulous has also gone down, along with a site that worked with Hackulous and its app, known as Apptrackr.

The owners of the service posted a statement on their website citing stagnation in the community as the primary reason for its removal. The Hackulous team claims that the forums have become a ghost town, however the statement also says the forums have become difficult to moderate, which seems contradictory. As for Apptrackr, no official statement has been made, and the website simply no longer works.

A more likely reason for the claimed stagnation is the difficulty the jailbreak community is having with iOS 6. The system officially launched on September 19, which means that over three months have gone by, and an untethered jailbreak still seems like a distant dream for would-be jailbreakers. This would obviously mean that there are less potential users for Hackulous, with only the iOS users who have forgone updating being able to use the app.

Of course, the user base is also limited by the fact that not all users are looking to take part in piracy when they jailbreak their iOS device. Either way, this could be good news for iOS app creators who were concerned about losing app sales to piracy. Of course, there are other methods, but this was among the easiest to use, and it offered a lower barrier to entry for would-be app pirates.

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