Signalling that Apple's Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad (MFi) certification may be set to play a bigger role in ushering in the "Internet of Things," Chinese manufacturer Haier has unveiled the first white good to be certified by the MFi program, a smart air conditioner.

Showcased at CES last week, Haier's Tianzun air conditioner connects to the user's iOS device automatically, enabling them to control the air conditioner via a companion app without going through a laborious password setup or registration process.

MFi certification has typically been an Apple seal of approval for third-party accessories, such as docks, connectors, chargers and game controllers, so the program's expanson to include larger household appliances marks a significant step.

Haier is already anticipating the certification of other products, such as water heaters and ovens. This forms a part of the company's wider ambition in building an industrial architecture of "One cloud and N terminals," which it believes would see all home appliances become internet terminals and fulfill its vision for the smart home.

Source: Haier

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