Halo Pet Safety System for cars

Halo Pet Safety System for car...
Halo Pet Safety System
Halo Pet Safety System
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Halo Pet Safety System
Halo Pet Safety System

Designed in response to a tragic story of two much-loved dogs that died in a car due to heat stroke, the Halo Pet Safety System from Sisters of Invention uses sensor technology and an alarm to keep animals safe.

Heat stroke is a common problem for animals, especially in the warmer months, which can lead to death as a result of organ damage and blood clotting. Heat stroke occurs when the core temperature of an animal exceeds its normal set-point and reaches temperatures in excess of 106° F. The Halo system works by monitoring the temperature in your car when your pet is inside. When the temperature in your vehicle reaches a potentially unsafe level for your pet, the Halo triggers an alarm that sounds on a small device designed to be kept on your key ring.

There is no installation required for the Halo; the user simply places a pet collar with an in-built sensor onto a dog, cat or other pet. A transmitter is then placed in your car, mounted onto any flat surface. When your pet is in the car, proximity of the sensor to the transmitter activates the system, and begins monitoring the car’s internal temperature. If the temperature in your vehicle reaches a potentially unsafe level for your pet, an alarm will sound on your key pod receiver, even if you are away from the vehicle. The pet collar comes in a variety of sizes and designs and the Halo System retails for US$99.

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Matt Rings
Should attach these devices to babies, too, to avoid the accidental overheating of a child left in a vehicle... the keychain alarm goes off if the forgotten child is exposed to temps over 95F (for example), and maybe even sets off a car horn/speaker \"Alert: child in vehicle, call 911\".