In a fashion-obsessed world, no single timepiece works for every possible scenario. Perhaps that's why Hamilton Watches designed a timepiece with two distinct looks and personalities. The new Jazzmaster Face 2 Face combines two separate dials in a single watch.

Hamilton, which credits itself with world firsts like the first electric watch and first LED digital watch, says that it breaks "new watchmaking ground" once again. We're always skeptical of "world first" claims without third party verification, but we will admit that we expect any watch to have a single face and a plain metal plate in back.

The Jazzmaster Face 2 Face has a sporty "boy racer" chronograph face on one side of its case and a simpler, three-hand timekeeper face on the other side. The entire case rotates within an outer frame, allowing the user to quickly switch looks.

In addition to being used to showcase different styles, the two faces can also be set to different time zones, adding a bit of functional flair. The faces are quite distinct but share a skeletal design that provides a peek into the mechanical workings.

The limited edition Jazzmaster isn't exactly an inexpensive 2-for-1. Each one of the planned 888 pieces costs US$6,195. Hamilton revealed the design at Baselworld 2013 and launched it last month.

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