It's a hammock mount that goes on the back of your truck. Not a hammock, mind you – McLean Metalworks wisely assumes that the sort of people that buy US$399 truck mounts for their hammocks are very particular about their suspended slings, so it's just the mount. BYO hammock.

It fits a standard two-inch vehicle receiver hitch, can handle a hammock up to nine feet six inches (2.9 m) long, happily lugs up to 300 lb (136 kg), while weighing just 40 lb (18 kg) itself. It folds up nice and small to go in the back.

You don't need any pesky trees, posts or wobbly tripods. You don't need nothin'. With one of these on board (and the hammock of your choice), you're a fully independent hammocking machine ready to hammock it up anytime, anywhere.

But let's face it, you already know if you want it. Obviously, it'll be beaut for camping, a place to lie down and read while preventing any of your buddies from opening up the back of the car.

But if you've got a bit of imagination, it needn't end there. I'm seeing hammock races where points are lost for spilling beer. Best keep the speed down, or they'll turn into paraglider races.

And I can't think of many bigger power moves than breaking one of these bad boys out in the middle of the city on a warm day, watching besuited masses grind their lives away while you try not to poke yourself in the eye with your margarita straw. There's no law against relaxation, people, watch and weep.

It's a hammock mount, that goes on the back of your truck. Enough said.

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