Hands on with HTC Touch Pro2

Hands on with HTC Touch Pro2
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April 1, 2009 Live from CTIA. Dave Weinstein is on the scene at CTIA in Las Vegas, and was able to get some hands-on time with HTC's latest flagship device, the Touch Pro2. Click through to see the photo gallery of this groundbreaking device.

After seeing the reports from MWC (Mobile World Congress) this year, we had a hands on session with the HTC Touch Pro2 as high on our list of goals for CTIA. We were fortunate that HTC was willing to oblige, and not only allowed us to handle the device, but to take a few shots as well. We originally covered the announcement of the Touch Pro2 back in February, but this was the first time we've been able to get out greedy hands on an actual device.

Our initial impressions are quite positive. The device is neither too small nor too big. It has a beautifully clear and crisp 800x480 display, and a fast responsive feel. We were particularly impressed with the keyboard feel and layout, it was easy for us to type on without any training or practice.

HTC has invested a lot of effort into continuing to enhance their TouchFLO interface, and their efforts clearly show on the Touch Pro2. The UI is faster and more responsive that previous versions, and adds a nice layer of polish to the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS used for the device.

It's official this is now the phone that we want for ourselves. Look for a complete field test later this quarter when HTC releases the device.

Dave Weinstein

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