Creative is taking on the might of Microsoft's Kinect with the Senz3D Interactive Gesture Camera. Marketed as the "future of PC interaction," the Senz3D features advanced depth sensor technology, and dual array microphones for voice recognition. Gizmag was on the scene to take it for a brief whirl.

The device, intended for PC-only, features close-range tracking over a range of 6-inches to 3-feet (15 to 90 cm), in addition to finger tracking, the ability to recognize and differentiate between static hand poses, and moving hand gestures. It also boasts facial detection and analysis, and voice recognition.

However, impressive as all that might sound, the proof is how it performs in real-life. On this note, initial signs are good. Using the provided setup, with a PC running Portal 2, our man on the ground reports that the sensor bar offers impressive accuracy, which allowed him to open and close a hand in order to pick-up one of Portal's fabled cubes.

Once gripped, the cube could be rotated with all the freedom a human wrist allows, though some awkwardness redirecting laser beams was evident, resulting in our system tester wishing he could switch hands.

Gizmag was offered a demonstration of the unit's gesture recognition prowess by the company representative, and Senz3D's sensor was able to detect and keep track of various combinations of thumbs up, thumbs down, moving hand gestures, and so on – even when each hand performed different actions simultaneously.

He explained that the depth perception of the camera is what enables the device to differentiate between fingers, as shown in the image above.

The Creative Senz3D will be available in the US from September 25, at a price of US$199. We've no word yet on worldwide availability.

Aside from a suite of bundled apps which will come with the purchase, the Portal 2 Perceptual Pack will also be available to buyers as a free download.

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