Hasselblad H1

Hasselblad H1
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Hasselblad's enduring reputation for quality is not likely to be under threat with the release of the H1 camera body, the unit for which the DCS Pro Back is specifically designed. The H1 caters for both digital backs and film magazines and features an electronic user interface that communicates with lenses, film magazines and the viewfinder of the Kodak 645-format digital camera backs.

The core is constructed from high-strength aluminium surrounded by a solid stainless steel housing for extreme durability and one of the most annoying features of auto-focus systems - time lag in less than perfect lighting conditions - is addressed in the H1 with assurances of fast, accurate focusing under almost any conditions and an instant override function for quick access to manual control. A customisable data-imprinting feature that keeps a record of exposure data factors and other information is also included along with a central lens shutter design that enables virtually vibration-free exposures at even the longest shutter speeds and enables flash-synchronization at all shutter speeds up to 1/800 of a second.

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