It's not unheard of for outdoorsy types to have a flashlight, headlamp and bike headlight. The HeadSpin is designed to function as all three, and more, thanks to a twisting magnetic mounting system.

The HeadSpin light itself is cube-shaped, puts out a maximum of 400 lumens, and can be switched between four output levels and three functions (spot, flood and strobe) using a four-button control. It's IP66 weather-resistant (that means it's OK with water sprayed from a nozzle), and can withstand drops of up to 2 meters (6.6 ft).

The light comes with an ABS flashlight mount, headlamp mount (with adjustable head strap) and headlight mount. To put it on any of these, users just hold it up to them. Magnets in the light and the mount draw the two together, causing the light to rotate into place. To get it off, users simply grab it, twist it and pull. The light can additionally be magnetically stuck to any metallic surface as needed.

Also included in the package is a wall-charging plug, which the light likewise rotates onto. One charge of the HeadSpin's lithium-ion battery should be good to up to 40 hours of run time, depending on the operating mode. It can alternatively be charged using an included USB cable.

The HeadSpin Convertible Light System is available now, for US$200. Other accessories in the works include a lantern mount with three collapsible legs, and an articulated task arm.

Source: HeadSpin

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