The thriving tiny house movement is a double-edged sword for companies selling their vision of small living, as it's tougher than ever to stand out from the crowd. Oregon City-based small home firm Heirloom aims to get noticed with a luxurious off-grid tiny house on wheels that boasts an excellent finish and more amenities that you might expect, considering its size. In addition, an interesting automated house control system that's controlled via and iOS or Android smartphone will soon be available at extra cost too.

As is typical with these tiny homes, there are so many options that the Tiny Heirloom can essentially contain whatever extras and interior you may want – providing you have the required funds. However, the base model starts at US$65,000 and measures roughly 11.8 sq m (128 sq ft), including a loft, kitchen area, bedroom, lounge area, and toilet.

The basic package includes a Dickinson P12000 propane boat heater, stainless steel appliances, washer and dryer combo unit, painted or stained interior and exterior, granite countertops, painted or stained cabinets and cupboards, and wood or bamboo flooring.

Though the Tiny Heirloom can be hooked-up to a power outlet, a basic wind or solar setup is also included in the basic package, and Heirloom says it will make sure to add enough off-grid technology to allow the home to operate effectively, whatever the local climate.

"We realize that people in South Dakota can’t survive off of solar power alone, and we want to create a product that doesn’t ever have to be plugged in, but will always sustain itself," a company rep told Gizmag. Additional off-grid options include composting toilet, incinerating toilet, hydro-electric power, and rainwater storage.

However, Heirloom's most interesting standout feature is still to come. The firm aims to launch its Tiny Heirloom Home Automation System next year, which includes hands-free light operation, voice activated door locks, auto-leveling jacks, and automated thermostats, all of which is controllable using an iOS or Android device.

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