Bicycle commuting is one of those things that sounds like a universally great idea up until you actually try it. Nothing will start the day off on the wrong foot like showing up 20 minutes late (you may not be in as good of shape as you thought), dripping in sweat and pothole water. But, hey, at least you get to brag about being green. The Henty Wingman aims to make the practice of bicycle commuting as great as the concept, by keeping your suit dry, free from sweat and road grit, and looking like it just popped out of the dry cleaning plastic.

Similar to the Suitpack and Suit Commute, the Wingman is a suit bag designed to meet the specific needs of bicycle commuters. The main suit pack rolls up and has recycled-PVC ribs that create a crease-free shell. A separate gym bag that stores inside the suit roll carries shoes, socks and accessories. The gym bag can, of course, be left home when not needed, or used on its own. A front pocket includes a padded laptop/tablet sleeve, which Henty says will be removable on future versions of the Wingman. The pack is carried by way of the adjustable, padded shoulder strap.

Henty built the Wingman for all types of cycling conditions. It includes reflective piping for increased visibility at night and a waterproof rain cover with reflective logo for inclement weather. It also has a webbing loop for attaching a bicycle light.

While bicycle commuting is the main focus of the Wingman design, Henty intends for the pack to be useful off the saddle, too. It built the bag to airline carry-on specifications, making it an easy way to transport a suit, laptop and other carry-on items on a flight. The fact that it splits into suit bag, gym bag and laptop sleeve means that it can be used for all kinds of gear-carrying needs.

Last we checked, the Suitpack and Suit Commute were still just projects with production hopes. The Wingman, on the other hand, is a purchasable reality. Henty launched it last year and has it for sale on its website for AUD$179.95 (about US$185). The company was on hand at the recent ISPO show, where it was nominated for a BrandNew Award, working toward securing further distribution.

Source: Henty

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