Furnishing a room to be both functional and pleasing to the eye can take a lot of time and effort. Austrian architect firm Heri & Salli has eschewed such a laborious approach in favor of using just a single piece of furniture. Its Viennese Guest Bed offers much of the functionality required in a guest room.

There are a number of ways of using the space in a room efficiently. The All I Own House by PKMN Architectures and Kitoko Studio's Paris maid's room, for example, employ sliding units that allow users to reconfigure the spaces as required. The Viennese Guest Bed is more like the central piece of furniture in Yuichi Yoshida & Associates' Tsukiji Room H, though, providing a variety of functions without the need to reconfigure the room.

Primarily, of course, the bed provides somewhere to sleep, but it is built from planks of larch wood that extend beyond the bed-space itself to create additional sections. The result is a bed set into a surrounding structure of raised and lowered levels that's at once both practical and aesthetically compelling.

In addition to sleeping, the Viennese Guest Bed provides spaces for sitting, working, storing clothes and placing objects or ornaments. Storage units are contained within the structure, helping to achieve the efficient use of space. The structure itself is created by laying four different lengths of timber upon each other to create the required formation.

The Viennese Guest Bed was part of Heri & Salli's Viennese Guest Room Project that also included the design of a bathroom in the same style. The project was started in September 2014 and was completed earlier this month.

Source: Heri & Salli

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