Footage from live events could soon become more immersive and extreme after GoPro announced the launch of its HeroCast micro transmitter. The new system will make it easier for broadcasters to incorporate GoPro footage into live productions, enabling them to offer viewers unique perspectives of that death-defying stunt or bone-crunching tackle as it happens.

While GoPro and other action cameras have allowed broadcasters and consumers alike to capture footage from interesting angles, this has typically been used in post-production. However, the HeroCast transmitter, which was put through its paces earlier this year at the 2015 Honda NHL All-Star Weekend, allows this undeniably engaging footage to be captured and used in live broadcasts easier.

Developed in conjunction with Vislink, the HeroCast wireless transmitter is smaller and lighter than rivals, meaning it won't get in the way of the cameras being mounted in positions to capture the immersive POV footage and unique perspectives we've grown to love. It can transmit high-quality Full HD 1080p or HD 720p footage at 60 frames per second, using the industry-standard H.264 encoding with low latency that professional broadcasters demand.

The new transmitter is compatible with Hero4 and Hero3+ Black cameras and will come in two configurations, each of which allows an estimated 40 minutes of battery life, though it can be powered externally for extended use. The HeroCast setup consists of a separate transmitter unit which is connected to a GoPro camera via a lockable HDMI cable. This is optimized for body mounting and shooting POV shots as it allows for easy mounting.

HeroCast BacPac is an alternative all-in-one option which connects directly to the housing of a GoPro camera. This means the camera, transmitter, and housing are all contained within one water-resistant (IP67) unit. GoPro says this is more convenient when mounting to walls, cars or other large surfaces, and that both transmitters are rugged in design and possible to use in harsh environments.

There's no word yet about when they will go on sale, but priced at US$7,500 (without a GoPro camera), the HeroCast and HeroCast BacPac will be aimed at professional productions.

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