Hide and seek 21st century style

Hide and seek 21st century sty...
EyeClops Night Vision
EyeClops Night Vision
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EyeClops Night Vision
EyeClops Night Vision

September 4, 2008 Kids can take hide and seek to all new levels using the EyeClops Night Vision Infrared stealth goggles. Based on real US military-style Infrared illumination technology coupled with an LCD monocle, the goggles promise clear visibility up to 15m (around 50ft), even in absolute darkness.

The goggles come equipped with two viewing modes to suit any situation. The Maximum Surveillance Mode is suited to long range recon and scouting missions, whilst the Close Proximity Stealth Mode is for missions requiring a closer look.

The Night Vision goggles have a fully adjustable head strap, padding for comfort around the face, a safety breakaway power cord and a counter weighted battery pack.

EyeClops Night Vision are available online for around the USD$90 mark and will hit shelves in Australia from October via Funtastic for AUD$139.99.

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