Almost three years after we first encountered the Loop pointer, Hillcrest Labs has announced that its uniquely designed motion sensing mouse is available direct to consumers.

Aimed at those of us who've embraced the benefits of connecting a computer to a TV, the Loop can be used as an in-air pointer for navigating online media sites and home media collections. The device works with standard on-screen keyboards for Windows or Mac operating systems. It can also be used as a pointer for presentations and is also compatible with KODAK's Theatre HD Player and PS3 (though only for web navigation, not as a game controller).


Simplicity is the key to the loop. It has just four buttons and a scroll wheel so unlike some remote controls, it is easy to operate. The Loop’s simple design is designed to sit ergonomically and comfortably in your hand and weighs just 4.9 ounces. It has the same diameter as a CD and with its sleek and stylish black and silver design, will not look out of place on a modern coffee table.

To operate, you plug the unit’s USB 2.0 transceiver into a compatible computer or device. Then you can sit back, relax, hold the Loop in any position or direction and the will utilize the in-air pointing capabilities of the unit.

Freespace Technology

Hillcrest Labs’ patented Freespace in-air motion control technology (the same tech that's been licensed in by Logitech for its cordless air mouse) makes the Loop a highly precise and accurate tool. Regardless of the orientation of the Loop or the position of the user, Freespace technology generates intuitive cursor movement on the screen. Due to the Loop’s radio frequency (RF) technology, the user does not even need to point it directly at the screen - they can be up to 30 feet away. Additionally, the Loop incorporates adaptive tremor removal, which means it can distinguish between intentional and unintentional movement.

The Loop is powered with two AA batteries, requires a computer that is USB 2.0 compatible and retails for USD$99.

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