Hit the waves with an ultra light inflatable surfboard

Hit the waves with an ultra light inflatable surfboard
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Surf's up anywhere with the ULI (Ultra Lite Inflatable) range of surf and bodyboards from the ULI Corp of San Diego. Created by Jim Weir, an avid surfer for over 50 years, the ULI (pronounced ooo-lee) solves key problems faced by professional and amateur surfers alike. Many hard flotation devices can be a hassle to transport and aren't allowed in swimming beaches for fear of injury.

The ULI board is fully functional, lightweight, perfectly safe for all ages and, best of all - it simply deflates and rolls up into your backpack when the surfing is done!

Made from the same sturdy materials used in military/ commercial inflatable boats, the ULI board is UV resistant and won't turn yellow or delaminate. It inflates easily with a small hand pump into a durable board with flexible fins that hold well in a wave. The 6'-6" Fish weighs just 8 pounds and can be carried in a small bag or backpack.

ULI's are rigid enough for a 200 LB man on an 8' wave, yet light and soft enough for a child to learn on. Because of it's durable nature the ULI board is more comfortable than traditional 'softboards' and while extra buoyant, can really take the punishment in the surf.

After riding an ULI, world-renown surfer Rob Machado said, "These boards are a lot of fun. I want to take a few to Japan with me next week."

Perfect for beginners and professionals alike, ULI boards are a fun and enjoyable way to ride the waves and not the woes.

View gallery - 3 images
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