The Danish government and greater Copenhagen mayors, working with Urban Power architecture and planning, have embarked on an ambitious scheme to create nine new islands off the coast of Copenhagen. The massive land reclamation project will provide new space for leisure and industry use, as well as a lot of energy production.

The project is named Holmene (the Islets) and will be located 10 km (6.2 miles) south of Copenhagen. It's a huge endeavor and the nine islands will be made from surplus soil derived from the region's subway and building projects – some 26 million cubic meters (around 900 million cubic ft) – will be used.

The islands will provide around 3 million sq m (roughly 32 million sq ft) of new space, including commercial and industrial areas and a natural landscape for sports and outdoor activities. Green energy is a major focus too and it will boast wind turbines and what Urban Power calls the largest Waste-to-Energy plant in Northern Europe.

Additionally, flood defenses and inaccessible reefs and islets meant for local wildlife will be created.

Construction is expected to begin in 2022 and to be completed in 2040. The construction budget is estimated at €425 million (about US$490 million) and the islands will be created one at a time. The first island should be up and running in about six years.

"The strategy has several advantages," explains Urban Power's Arne Cermak Nielsen. "It can be developed stepwise without leaving the impression of an unfinished project, if a new economic recession appears. Furthermore the islands can be thematically developed, leaving the best conditions for the innovative industry and research within green tech, bio tech, life science and future yet unknown sectors. The quality of being by the water should not be underestimated, and the shores of the islands and the delta that emerge between them has a unique potential."

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