The humble bucket isn't something most of us really ever think about. We're likely to own one, and use it on occasion, but beyond that it’s just another household object. A bucket is also not something most of us will seek to upgrade; as long as the one we have works as it should, then we don't worry about a replacement. The Leaktite Big Gripper may change all of that, as it represents the reinvention of the bucket.

The Leaktite Big Gripper bucket, designed by Scot Herbst of Herbst Produkt for US retailer Home Depot, takes the standard bucket we all recognize and changes several things in order to improve its usability. The design modifications and additions were prompted by witnessing difficulties people have using ordinary buckets.

The bucket features an asymmetric design that, when coupled with its ergonomic handle, makes it more balanced, even when full. In addition to this, there is a patent-pending “pocket grip” on the underside of the bucket that makes it easier to control the emptying of its contents. This process is further aided by a redesigned spout that should allow for more precise tipping of materials. The last change – adding measurement markers to the inside of the 3.5 gallon (13.25 L) bucket – is minor yet still important.

This is the second reinvention of the bucket we've seen recently, with the Glovebucket offering a way for clean freaks to contain messy jobs within an enclosed environment. But while the Glovebucket was created for a specific purpose, the Leaktite Big Gripper is just your standard, everyday bucket improved to make all our lives that little bit easier.

The video below shows the Leaktite Big Gripper off in the style of something a lot sexier and more sophisticated than a mere bucket, but it kinda works as a result. The Leaktite Big Gripper is available at Home Depot and is priced at US$7.50.

Source: Home Depot via Wired

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