Halden-Caviglia has a designed a series of Flat Screen Showcases for home-owners who prefer to steer clear of the minimalist approach to home decorating. For some, that large, sleek and modern-looking TV just doesn’t go with the rest of the furniture. For others, it’s a cheaper option for turning their large screen TV into something more akin to a home theater. Whatever the motivation, the company is attempting to create an entirely new product segment that makes the most of the ubiquitous flat panel TV.

“There is a rich history of entertainment products serving dual purpose as art – just look at antique radios, old jukeboxes and classic theaters,” said Rick Caviglia, co-founder.

“Halden-Caviglia is bringing back this level of artistry and craftsmanship and applying it to the flat screen television market.” Each Halden-Caviglia Showcase includes its own integrated amplifier and dual speakers or you can choose to use your own external speaker system.

Units have dual, ball-bearing fans and passive ventilation to ensure proper airflow and protect your flat screen from heat damage, while the lighting design provides low energy, accent lighting on relevant models, all via an easy-to-use remote control.

Fans and speaker amplifiers are automatically activated when you turn on your television.

An IR-repeater comes with each showcase to ensure your remote control will still connect with the TV inside the cabinet.

Each Showcase comes with a patent-pending wall-mounting system and includes the appropriate hardware for most mounting scenarios. This system enables DIYers to securely and quickly mount a flat screen television to a Showcase and then to a wall with only a few basic tools.

Halden-Caviglia also offers a table-mounting system for consumers who prefer to stand their showcase upright on a credenza or similar structure.

Depending on the showcase model chosen and size of the home-owners’ TV, prices range from US$7,495-$11,495 and suit standard or super-slim TVs from 42”-65”. Showcases come in three sizes: small, medium and large and custom-built units are available on request.

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