Scheduled to go on sale at Honda dealers throughout Japan this May, the ENEPO EU9iGB is pretty compact as far as generators go. It's powered by common butane canisters, which makes for safe and easy storage in contrast with gasoline-fueled alternatives. A fold-down handle makes transport dead simple, as the design is reminiscent of carry-on luggage with two wheels at the base.

Outdoor enthusiasts have reason to get excited over the ENEPO because it can handle devices that use 900 W or less such as computers, cooking equipment, or blow dryers. Yes folks, camping just got comfy.

For users who require a little more juice, you can purchase a parallel connecting cord that links two generators together to kick out 1800 VA.

Honda's ENEPO may prove popular in earthquake-prone Japan, where emergency power-sources are especially important. No word on the cost just yet, but Honda's website says that the generator is "reasonably priced".

For the record, this is not the first time that Honda has gotten creative with butane. Last year we reported on its Pianta FV200 Mini-Tiller, the company's first canister-powered outdoor product.

Via: Honda.

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