The updated VR6 roadster announced in late June has been officially unveiled by Horex Motorcycles GmbH in Frankfurt. Presented in a collectible Silver Edition, the German motorcycle with the patented six-cylinder VR6 engine marks the return of Horex after being saved from bankruptcy in early 2015.

The new VR6 keeps close to the design that was first introduced in 2010 when the company was resurrected after a dormant period of almost 50 years. Following a second round of financial hardship in 2014, German company 3C-Carbon Group took over Horex and stayed true to its promises for a prompt return to production with an updated model.

The patented 1,218 cc (74.3 cu in) engine is the inescapable focal point of the motorcycle. The unique layout of six cylinders arranged in two banks of three with a steep 15-degree angle between them, makes for a tight block not much wider than that of a typical in-line four-cylinder.

With three overhead camshafts and three valves per cylinder, the engine produces 170 hp (125 kW) and 138 Nm (101.8 lb-ft) of torque. That would be 10 hp (7.5 kW) more than the previous model and a milder increase of 3 Nm (2.2 lb-ft) in torque. Horex has not specified how this extra power has come about, nor at which rpm these figures reach their maximum values.

The VR6 is equipped with quintessential top-of-the-shelf parts, such as the fully adjustable pair of Ohlins suspension that includes 43 mm inverted forks and a TTX36 shock absorber. Braking is handled by two Brembo CNC P4 radial four-piston calipers operating on 320 mm wave discs.

As the new parent company specializes in carbon fiber manufacturing, it was expected that this light and strong material would be used abundantly in the new VR6. The Germans opted for a more exclusive touch of innovation in the form of a unit structure rear subframe made entirely from carbon fiber. This supports a plush leather saddle that sits the rider at 780 mm (30.7 in), some 20 mm (0.8 in) lower than the preceding model. We also find some more selective doses of carbon in the instrument casing, the rear hugger and the chain guide.

The technical specs confirm another pledge that Horex made in June. The new VR6 is lighter than the previous model by no less than 29 kg (63.9 lb), with its dry weight now reduced to 221 kg (487.2 lb).

The model that was presented yesterday at Frankfurt is the Silver Edition, owing its name to the Heritage Silver color that dominates the body of the motorcycle and extends to the forks, calipers and stainless steel exhausts.

With LED lights all around, ABS in its standard equipment and no other electronic gadgets to spoil the character of a pure roadster, the VR6 Silver Edition will be limited to a production run of just 33 – curiously enough, the exact number of VR6 Café Racer specials that were expected in 2014 had the company not defaulted. Pricing has not been announced as yet, but the first bikes are expected to roll out of production this year.

Interested parties will have to wait until Horex finalizes the details of its new model, but in the meantime a subscription page on the official website promises to keep people informed on proceedings. Just follow the link below and click on the VR6 Silver Edition tab.

Source: Horex

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