If you find standing up in the shower just too strenuous then the Horizontal Shower from German company Dornbracht could be just the thing for your bathroom. It features an array of six “Water Bar” showerheads built into a horizontal platform that is attached to the wall, with another platform below on which to recline.

Due to its larger footprint, you'll either need a pretty decent sized bathroom or have to ditch the bathtub to make room for the Horizontal Shower. Thankfully, you won’t have to deal with an array of faucets while in repose, with the shower controlled via a minimalist “eTOOL” control panel embedded in the wall. Sporting a few buttons and a single knob, the eTOOL allows users to select a range of pre-programmed water temperature, intensity and quantity settings, along with the ability to control the choreography of the various showerheads.

While having water cascade down on you in varying patterns looks pretty relaxing, laying on what appears to be a rock hard slab doesn’t look all that comfortable and having to roll over to lather up various body parts might be a bit of a pain. It’s also probably not something for those concerned about water conservation either, unless you’re willing to cut the duration of your shower to a sixth of its usual length. But on the upside, you’re much less likely to slip in the shower and break a hip.

The Horizontal Shower is available now and pricing is "upon application" - i.e. it's expensive.

Purely for illustrative purposes, here’s a video from the company showing the Horizontal Shower in action.

Source: Dornbracht via Archello

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