Can’t decide between lounging in the hot tub or going boating? Well, why not do both? People in and around The Netherlands can already do so, in a HotTug. Now, North Americans can also get in on the action, with the Hot Tub Boat.

Manufactured in Seattle, the 6-passenger 15-foot (4.6-meter) vessel features an 8-foot (2.4-meter) rectangular hot tub, heated up to 104ºF (40ºC) by a built-in diesel boiler. The boat itself is propelled by a 24-volt electric drive system, maintaining a cruising speed of 4 knots. One charge of its battery pack should be good for about 10 hours of cruising time – by which point the passengers’ skin should be getting pretty pruny.

The driver pilots the boat from the tub using a joystick, and also controls the water temperature via a thermostat.

Other features include African Teak decks, a waterproof stereo with pop-up speakers, four deck-mounted ice chests, fore and aft storage compartments, and 12-volt navigation lights.

Hot Tub Boats can be rented for use in the Seattle area, or – for people who really like their soakin’ and boatin’ – can be purchased for around US$42,000.

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