We've all been there: you're just drifting off to sleep and realize you may have left the back door open. Well, spare a thought for the owners of the House in Morrillos, as they've got a total of 72 doors to go and check before getting some shut eye. Located in Morrillos, Chile – hence the name – this wooden beach house by Cristián Izquierdo has some interesting ideas up its sleeve.

Situated atop a sand dune amid wetlands, the House in Morrillos serves as a shared vacation home for up to three couples at a time and is rented out when not in use.

The way the beach house is laid-out is unusual. It features a shared kitchen, lounge and dining area. Three bedrooms (two master bedrooms, one guest bedroom) each have their own bathroom.

There are also four courtyards, connected to each other with a narrow corridor that runs the perimeter of the house. Where it gets interesting is the courtyards can all be opened to the outside using the 72 doors that envelop the home. Opening some of those same doors also, optionally, closes-off access to the perimeter corridor.

This one's a bit of a head scratcher as it does sound very appealing indeed to be able to open up a beach house to the outside with fine control – the effect must be impressive with all the doors open – though it all sounds a little fussy. Perhaps large sliding doors would have been less hassle, but it may well be that this was simply the best way of achieving the desired effect.

We've asked the architect for more information on this, but as of writing have received no reply.

The House in Morrillos is constructed almost wholly from pine wood, joined together with glue rather than using any metal, to prevent rusting in the salty sea air. It was completed in mid 2016.

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