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How iFart iPhone software makes US$10,000 a day

How iFart iPhone software makes US$10,000 a day
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December 24, 2008 Tales of becoming instantly wealthy in the computer software industry were common a few decades ago, but the growth of online sales for iPhone apps via Apple’s popular iTunes App Store is starting to create a few overnight developer successes too. One of the stars of the last few weeks has been the iFart program – successfully digitising scatalogical humour, the US$0.99 app offers a virtual orchestra of flatulent effects (choose from the “squeeser”, the “wet one”, the “quack”, the “sick dog” and 16 more) and there’s a “Sneak Attack” function where you can set your phone up to trumpet rude noises a few minutes down the track. You may well scoff at the infantile humor, but thousands, indeed, tens of thousands of men are embracing their inner child and purchasing the application every day – sales revenues reached US$9000 a day on December 22.

The iFart Mobile app was developed by author and entrepreneur Joel Comm, CEO of, InfoMedia Inc. and Joel has been unusually transparent with his sales data on his personal blog as the app has rocketed from launch in October to US$10,000 a day revenue just two months later.

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