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How to avoid taking out the garbage quite as frequently

How to avoid taking out the garbage quite as frequently
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January 2, 2008 Taking out the garbage (who and/or when and/or how frequently) is undoubtedly the greatest threat to household harmony of any domestic chore. The Broan Elite XE Trash Compactor won’t exactly remove the chore, but with a compaction ratio of 6-to-1, it’ll reduce the number of times you need to argue about it and/or do it. With a three-quarter horsepower motor offering 3000 pounds of compacting force, each 1.5 cubic foot compacted bag holds the equivalent of six 13 gallon bags of ordinary trash, so it’ll lighten the volume for local landfills and reduce the volume for garbage pick-up, providing a cost saving for consumers who pay by the load. The unit also has antimicrobial protection to fight odor-causing bacteria and a replaceable odor control disc that is rotated automatically and hence lasts six months.

A right- or left-hinged field-adjustable swinging door allows complete access to the entire unit for easy cleaning and bag changing, as well as a drop-down bucket to facilitate simple removal of a full trash bag. Heavy duty, ball bearing drawer slides make the trash bucket glide out even when full.

The Broan Elite XE is manufactured with Microban® antimicrobial protection, which provides an added level of protection and cleanliness by inhibiting the growth of bacteria. The XE model also features an automatic odor control disc, which chemically reduces garbage odor by neutralizing it rather than just filtering it. After 30 days, the unit automatically advances the disc to expose a fresh odor-control element, extending replacement to six months.

Additional attributes for the new Broan Elite and Broan Elite XE trash compactors include insulated and sealed doors, which further reduce the compacting sound. The units also feature a powder-coated finish and fully integrated doors with hidden controls and child safety locks. The units are available in black, white or stainless steel to complement a variety of kitchen décor as well as custom doors that accept either custom cabinet inserts to match homeowners' kitchen cabinetry or tile, which allows homeowners to match their backsplash, countertop or floor for a truly unique look. Integrated trash bag storage allows for convenient access to replacement bags and a safety interlock prevents operation when the door is open.

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