Although the wilds of Red Dead Redemption 2 are crawling with critters to hunt for food, sport and gear, the Legendary Animals are the most elusive, most challenging, and most rewarding. Here, we'll run through how to find and hunt the Legendary Coyote – and what to do with its pelt.

You can find the Legendary Coyote's territory directly north of your gang's second camp location, at Clemens Point. You'll need to venture just off the main road between Rhodes and Valentine, just before you pass over into the state of New Hanover. As usual, the game will notify you when you enter its territory, and a little drawing of the animal with a crown above it will appear on your map.

It doesn't take much to bring down the coyote, but your best bet is a repeater with a decent amount of damage.

In the middle of a big grassy clearing, you'll find your first clue on the trail. To spot it, enter Eagle Eye mode (pressing the two thumbsticks in) and look for the glowing particles. Once you get close to the marker you'll find a pile of coyote dung, as well as a trail leading off to the north.

As usual, highlight the trail and follow the glowing path along the ground as it heads across the grass and into the dry bed of Dewberry Creek. The next clue, visible in Eagle Eye mode, is just down there and around the corner.

Continue following the trail through the dry creek bed to the left, where you'll find the remains of the coyote's last meal.

The animal itself is just up ahead, near the remains of an old water mill. You can take the shot from here, or try to sneak closer for a better chance – although you risk spooking the critter. In Dead Eye mode it should be relatively easy to get two decent hits in, which should be enough to bring it down.

If it does get away, you can always come back in a few (in-game) days and try again, or just reload a save file.

Coyote down

Once the Legendary Coyote is dead, approach the body and skin it. You'll pick up a Legendary Coyote pelt, as well as a Coyote Fang and some meat.

Stow the pelt on the back of your horse and head for the trapper – the closest location is probably the one in Saint Denis, but it's a fair hike to any of them from here.

Your first stop should be the Fence, which is south of you just outside Rhodes. Give him the fang and you can then buy the Coyote Fang Trinket, which will permanently boost your Dead Eye XP by 10 percent.

After that, continue on your way to the trapper to sell him your Legendary Coyote pelt. Then you can make a mountain hat and a pair of half chaps – although you'll need two eagle feathers for the first and two perfect fox pelts for the second.

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