When it comes to cramming powerful components into a gaming laptop, space isn't the only thing to consider: in those close confines heat can be a major problem too. At Gamescom this week, HP has unleashed the Omen X laptop, built with a few nifty cooling tricks that let users overclock the rig for VR and 4K gaming on the go.

The Omen X laptop follows in the footsteps of the desktop version HP released last year. The most immediately eye-catching thing about the desktop Omen X was its corner-balancing-square shape, which the company says isn't just for looks: propping the case up like that allows the fans to suck in more air to cool the system more efficiently.

That shape isn't exactly practical for a portable machine, but the focus on cooling carries over to the new laptop in other ways. HP says it's used high-performance fans to keep the air flowing easier, and the more premium models are built with an integrated vapor chamber, which has four 3.5-mm heat pipes to transfer the heat away from the CPU and GPU to four radiators mounted at the rear corners.

With heat less of a burden, HP has loaded the Omen X laptop with overclockable components. The unlocked CPU is a 7th-gen Intel Core i7, and it packs up to 32 GB of DDR4 RAM, which can be overclocked with optional memory modules to boost it up to DDR4-2800. Those who'd rather leave the tinkering to the experts can build their system with factory-overclocked graphics cards up to the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080.

With that graphical grunt under the hood, all configurations of the Omen X laptop are designed to be VR-ready. Gamers who want to be immersed without the goofy headgear can opt for the model with a 17-in 4K display. Sound-wise, the dual speakers in the system have been developed by Bang & Olufsen, while DTS Headphone:X technology simulates surround sound through whatever headset is plugged in.

Storage is also customizable, with the options for either HDD, SSD, or a combination of both. An access panel in the bottom of the rig allows these and the RAM to be easily upgraded as needed. The system is finished with a tactile, mechanical keyboard with customizable RGB LED backlights, and a range of ports for HDMI, USB 3, USB-Type C and others.

The Omen X laptop will be available in November, starting from US$2,299.

Source: HP

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