HP advances recycling techniques for ink cartridge manufacture

HP advances recycling techniques for ink cartridge manufacture
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January 31, 2008 HP has developed engineering technology that enables it to use post-consumer recycled plastics in the production of new its inkjet print cartridges. To date more than 200 million cartridges have been manufactured using the process and materials used include multiple sources and grades of recycled plastics – from everyday water bottles to used HP inkjet cartridges.

HP used more than 5 million pounds of recycled plastic in its inkjet cartridges last year, and the company has committed to using twice as much in 2008. HP found that using recycled content saves energy and keeps plastic out of landfills and since first piloting the process it has used enough recycled plastic to fill more than 200 tractor trailers. Inkjet cartridges returned through HP’s Planet Partners program undergo a multi-phase recycling process that reduces them to raw materials such as plastics and metals. HP combines plastic from the inkjet cartridges with recycled bottle resin and the amount of recycled content in the cartridges varies between 70 to 100 percent of the total plastic used.

“By developing the technology to use recycled plastics in Original HP inkjet print cartridges, we have the opportunity to reduce the environmental impact HP products have on the planet,” said Michael Hoffmann, senior vice president, Supplies, Imaging and Printing Group, HP. The initiative is part of HP’s Design for Environment program, aimed at the environmental impact of HP cartridges through material usage, ease of recycling and packaging efficiency.

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