Personal computers have come a long way since the hefty notebooks of the early 1980s. Today's laptops are shedding bulk almost as fast as your local CrossFit evangelist, and the latest effort from Hewlett-Packard is set to undercut them all. Its newly announced HP Spectre will enter the market as the world's thinnest laptop, and it is packing some punch within its very slight frame, as well.

The 13-inch HP Spectre measures just 10.4 mm (0.41 in) thick, making it a trimmer computing option than other slender machines like Lenovo's latest Yoga 2-in-1 (14.9 mm), the ASUS Zenbook UX305FA (12.3 mm) and yes, even the newest Macbook at 13.1 mm.

If it wasn't evident through HP's promo materials where the words "craftsmanship" and "artisan" feature more than once, the company's newest laptop is very much billed as a refined, even opulent slice of personal computing.

The Spectre is built from carbon fiber and aluminum with a black and copper color scheme. The full HD IPS display is shielded by edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass and rests on piston-driven hinges, with dual Bang and Olufsen speakers flanking the backlit keyboard and glass trackpad.

Rather than the Intel Core M processors commonly found in the new breed of ultralight devices like last year's Macbook, HP has managed to squeeze Intel Core i5 or i7 processor into the Spectre's 2.45 lb (1,111 g) body. Partnered with up to 8 GB of memory and up to 512 GB of storage, this should offer pro-level users a little more processing grunt.

To keep these internal mechanics running smoothly, HP says it had to rethink its approach to keeping things cool. With what it calls hyperbaric cooling technology, HP says that the Spectre pulls cold air inside instead of simply venting heat out, which combines with dynamic power settings to keep the processor performing at a high level.

When it comes to plugging in, HP is leaping aboard the USB Type C train with three ports, all of which support charging, data transfer and external displays, while two support Thunderbolt at speeds of up to 40 gb/s. Battery life is rated at nine hours.

The Spectre will be available for pre-order on April 25 and will be priced at US$1,170. You can check out the promo video below.

Source: HP

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